Autonomous heaters

Airtronic Eberspächer heaters  - warmth and comfort

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Air heaters warm up the air in the car interior or cabin very quickly, so they are especially suitable for transportable, esp. for cars, workshops on wheels, as well as cargo compartments and cabs of tractor drivers. Various models of heaters are designed for this. In addition to the already well-regarded Airtronic with various capacities, there is also the Airtronic D3, which is a heater that operates very quietly and uses little fuel. Thus, the comfort created by Airtronic can be used in any car.

Eberspächer airtronic:

  • When the heater is turned on, the air is heated very quickly
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Low fuel consumption
  • The desired internal temperature can be selected
  • Stepless temperature regulation
  • Works very quietly
  • Can be installed both inside and outside
  • Constant work control
  • Safety and diagnostic system
  • Not requiring special care
  • All Eberspächer heaters have EC approvals and an additional GS inspection
  • Convenient regulation of heating power


HYDRONIC Eberspächer water heaters  - the right heat everywhere

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An Eberspächer water heater pre-warms the cab and engine. It is usually installed in the engine compartment and connected to the water cooling system. Heat energy is taken from the heat exchanger of the car interior and warm air enters the car interior in small quantities through the air ducts. A digital pre-programmed timer or remote or phone control will take care of warmth and comfort.

Eberspächer hydronic:

  • Double benefits: cabin and engine heating, as well as engine conservation, fuel saving, nature protection
  • Distribution of warm air through the air ducts of the car
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Quieter and energy saving
  • Comfortable ventilation in summer (Hydronic 4/5 optional)
  • Electronic control
  • Continuous work control
  • Safety and diagnostic system
  • Easy maintenance
  • All Eberspächer heaters have EC approvals and an additional GS inspection

Special vehicles are mobile workplaces that must ensure an appropriate level of comfort and be productive. Webasto heating and air conditioning systems create a pleasant working climate in the cabin, even when parked with the engine off. This helps to shorten the engine idle time. Lower fuel consumption increases economic efficiency and protects the environment through reduced emissions.

The company Webasto, the world market leader, develops and manufactures two types of autonomous heaters - air and water systems of various applications and heating power. Both systems create a comfortable working environment and maintain the most suitable temperature in the cargo compartment even in very cold weather. They also help to shorten the engine's idling time.


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