DIPLOMAT® - 205/50R17 UHP 93W XL FP (#D539471)

DIPLOMAT® - 205/50R17 UHP 93W XL FP
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Description of DIPLOMAT® - 205/50R17 UHP 93W XL FP

Tire Diplomat UHP will impress fans of speed. Its speed limit for some sizes is 300 km/h. With high thermal stability, the rubber will serve uninterruptedly for several seasons. Innovative developments and craftsmanship have made it possible to create a premium quality product at an affordable price.

Technological features of rubber

The UHP Diplomat rubber model is made on modern equipment using Goodyear technology.
The asymmetric tread design allows you to distribute functions between different zones. The projector pattern is deep, with a wide working surface, which greatly reduces uneven wear.
The central part is made up of a rigid rib with slots and lamellas. The rib ensures stable stability during direct movement.
Four channels and a network of grooves with different directions quickly absorb water from the contact patch, providing reliable grip on wet tracks. The outer sidewall consists of powerful checkers that have the ability to accurately enter turns and maneuver even at high speed. The inner part prevents hydroplaning. The reinforced sidewall protects the tire from mechanical damage, which makes it safe to drive on domestic roads.
The rubber compound of a tire contains a high percentage of silica and silicon. These components help to maintain the tire's resistance to high temperatures and give it additional strength. Silica helps to reduce rolling resistance, which is beneficial for reducing fuel consumption.

Benefits of the Diplomat UHP model

  • Wet and dry directional stability thanks to rigid central rib
  • Wear resistance due to deep tread pattern.
  • Prevent hydroplaning with an active aquatic drainage system.
  • High acceleration and braking performance.
  • Acoustic comfort
  • The ability to withstand high temperatures.


Specification of DIPLOMAT® - 205/50R17 UHP 93W XL FP

Manufacturer DIPLOMAT
Serie UHP
Width 205
Height 50
Diameter 17
Season Summer
Fuel efficiency class D
Wet grip class B
External rolling noise class and level 71 dB

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