GISLAVED® - 205/50R17 ULTRA*SPEED 2 93Y XL FR (#C3413280000)

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Description of GISLAVED® - 205/50R17 ULTRA*SPEED 2 93Y XL FR

Gislaved ULTRA SPEED 2 summer car tires are a novelty for the 2018 season, replacing the beloved car owners of the 2012 model year for sedans, sports cars and MPV cars. This series is focused for the same category of vehicles and can be operated in a wide range of speeds (up to 300 km/h inclusive). Tires are characterized by reliable traction, long mileage and increased structural strength.

The engineers of the eminent brand have finalized the tread pattern and changed the overall concept, significantly improving driving properties and control accuracy at speed. The tire in the new version has become more durable and safe, and the tread pattern is more functional and productive.

Technical features of the model and main advantages

  • The shoulder areas of the Gislaved ULTRA SPEED 2 rubber have become even more massive due to the larger blocks. This design contributes to an increase in the contact patch area, improves stability when overcoming turns, eliminates the possibility of uneven tread wear and contributes to uniform distribution of acting loads over the contact surface. Therefore, the tire excels in comfort. high-speed driving, low fuel consumption and excellent consumer qualities.
  • Optimized tread depth reduces noise and vibration and increases performance of the drainage system.
  • The asymmetrical design allows the tires to maintain the same high performance in dry and wet conditions coating, ensure high safety during high-speed maneuvers and keep constant control over the road.
  • The price of Gislaved ULTRA SPEED 2 tires set by the manufacturer fully meets the allowable level in the corresponding category.
  • The central part of the tread is visually divided into three functional zones, i.e. each longitudinal the stiffener does its job, complementing and improving the performance of its neighbors.
  • The central rib has increased stiffness, therefore, it stabilizes the course and improves maneuverability car in the limit speed mode.
  • The side ribs have a different design and structure of the working surface and are included in the work in depending on the type of coverage and weather conditions.
  • The productive water drainage system is formed from four longitudinal channels with transverse jumpers, which reduces the likelihood of aquaplaning and skidding. In combination with transverse grooves and lamellas of optimal geometric shape, the car remains stable when maneuvering in traffic on a wet road.

In favor of the decision to buy Gislaved ULTRA SPEED 2 tires, such advantages as wear resistance, low noise at speed, fuel efficiency and excellent performance of starting and braking parameters.


Specification of GISLAVED® - 205/50R17 ULTRA*SPEED 2 93Y XL FR

Manufacturer GISLAVED
Serie Ultra Speed 2
Width 205
Height 50
Diameter 17
Season Summer
Fuel efficiency class C
Wet grip class B
External rolling noise class and level 72 dB

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